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Travel to the USA and Canada With Your Dog – Interview with Mark and Mya’s Adventures

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If you’re wanting to travel long term but feel as though you can’t because you don’t want to leave your dog behind, perhaps you should consider bringing them with you. Now I know that’s much easier said than done, which is why I wanted to get advice from a good friend who’s been doing this for a while to hear about his experience.

Mark is an Aussie guy with a strong love for the outdoors and an even stronger love for his 6-year-old White Shepard, Mya. He put his job in Melbourne on hold in November 2017, and they’ve since traveled over 65,000km… or 40,000 miles around more than 40 states in America and Canada. Mark and Mya ski, mountain bike and even kayak together. I’ve been following their adventures on Instagram from day one which has flourished into a blog, a highly engaged Facebook page, and multiple Facebook group communities helping others in a similar situation.

I first met Mark while we were both living in Melbourne, so was so great to be able to catch up for a chat in Portland, Oregon, while he was passing through the United States on his road trip. 

Marks Story

Mya’s is Mark’s White German Shepard who he’s had since she was a puppy. A few years ago, Mark was on an outing with his family when his father unexpectedly and suddenly passed away from a heart attack.

For about 15 years before this, Mark’s dad had been planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip around Australia and was two years away from being able to take it.

This was a life-changing moment for Mark, which made him realized you can’t put off your hopes and dreams.

Mark had wanted to travel to Canada since he was about 16 years old and decided to make this trip happen before it was too late. However, he had already brought Mya into his life who was apart of his family. It was his responsibility to care for her despite his big travel dreams. 

After much research and organization, Mark and Mya finally set off on their Canada and USA adventure, and have plenty to say about it.

What we talk about in the episode:

What are the requirements to bring a dog into the US and Canada?

Importing a dog is different for each country, and Mark found the best information on each country’s official government website. After reading into how to transport your dog on a plane from Australia to Canada, crossing the border into the US with a dog, then returning to the US from Canada with a dog, Mark found it wasn’t as difficult as he initially thought. It gets more complex when you decide to return home to Australia as they don’t have many of the diseases other countries have.

Mark advised the importance of researching what dog breeds you’re allowed to import into the United States and Canada, as there are some restrictions in different provinces and states. 

How do you transport pets overseas?

To transport your dog on a plane you’ll need to use a pet transport company. Mark found the best pet transport company in North America to be World Wide Animal Travel, who he found to be really helpful. The company are experts in the legislation and organizing the logistics of transporting animals from one country to another. In Australia, a couple of pet relocation services Mark speaks about are Jetpets and Dogtainers. Inquire with each company to see how much it costs to transport a dog abroad.

How do you get your dog a plane ticket?

Getting your dog on a flight can be a complicated process, so Mark recommends utilizing a pet transport company. Most airlines require an expert to make the necessary arrangements. The airline wants to know that the dog is in the correct sized crate, and all the appropriate documentation has been filled out – this ensures the experience will run as smooth as possible. The pet relocation company will make the booking on behalf of your dog and can arrange for your pet to be on the same flight as you.

How does a dog fly on a plane?

From Melbourne to Canada is about a 15-hour flight. Mark decided to fly from Melbourne to Sydney on a one-hour flight, then continue on a 14-hour flight to Vancouver, Canada. Though he said this worked well for him and Mya, as Mark could give his dog reassurance after the one hour flight, his advice is that every dog is unique and people need to make those decisions for themselves. 


More from this episode:

In this episode, we also discuss:

  • How long it took Mark to research and plan his trip to North America.
  • The resources Mark used to plan his trip.
  • Dog-friendly accommodation in North America – such as the Four Seasons, the Fairmont, the Delano in Las Vegas – as well as the services they provide. 
  • What to do with your dog while hiking in national parks.
  • Mark’s main fears and concerns leading into the trip, and what he did to prevent them from happening.
  • His advice for dog owners who don’t have much time or money to travel.

And plenty more!

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Four Seasons
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