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  • Honest Safety Tips for Female Solo Travellers
    There are plenty of articles out there on staying safe but I felt this was the perfect platform to gather my honest safety tips for female solo travellers. As a solo female traveller, I sometimes get people enquiring as to whether I think it’s safe to visit certain countries on one’s own. I’ve traveled to plenty of countries by myself and haven’t let the fact that
  • 10 Easy Tips for Surviving a Long Flight
    Getting to the airport to catch that long-awaited flight to your dream destination is one of the most exciting things. But before you start your trip, you have to get through that long-haul flight, which most of us dread at the best of times. There are plenty of things which you can do to help you survive those long hours in the air. Here are a few tips for surviving a long flight so you feel
  • How to beat jet lagHow to Beat Jet Lag: 5 Simple Tips to Travel Like a Pro
    Travelling is, of course, one of the best things a person can do. What isn’t so great is the sometimes accompanying jet lag that can ruin the beginning of your trip. I don’t have too many impressive skills to boast about, but one is that I have never suffered (badly) from jet lag! Now I say (badly) because up until this recent trip to Europe I had never had it at all, but coming back I was a
  • solo female travel myths10 Solo Female Travel Myths (Exposed!)
    There are a few thoughts which make us girls hesitate when we think about travelling alone. Some thoughts we feel stronger about than others but chances are we all have at least one of these which we find concerning. Over the 10+ years of on and off solo travel I’ve experienced, every one of these solo female travel myths has been raised with me from either friends or family or by strangers
  • How to make friends while travellingHow to Make Friends While Travelling – The Best Apps For Meeting People
    Making friends while travelling alone can be hard, especially if you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb and don’t have the same social areas as a hostel. Some people can make friends instantly in the most random situations, but for everyone else, it can be a daunting challenge. Traveling solo doesn’t mean you need to be by yourself all the time. You’re allowed to make friends who you can share some
  • The Ultimate Checklist for Travelling AbroadThe Ultimate Checklist for Travelling Abroad – With a Downloadable PDF Checklist
    Okay guys, it’s no secret that planning a trip overseas can be S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L! I go into full list-frenzy mode when I have an upcoming trip. There’s more paper involved than an origami lesson at a Japanese school assembly. It always seems to work in my favor though as I very rarely forget something. When you’re planning for a trip, there’s always just so many things to