How to make friends while travelling

How to Make Friends While Travelling – The Best Apps For Meeting People

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Making friends while travelling alone can be hard, especially if you’re staying in a hotel or Airbnb and don’t have the same social areas as a hostel. Some people can make friends instantly in the most random situations, but for everyone else, it can be a daunting challenge.

Traveling solo doesn’t mean you need to be by yourself all the time. You’re allowed to make friends who you can share some good times with for an hour, a day or a lifetime.

I’ve tried and tested the following apps for meeting people to bring you the best. These will help you easily make friends while travelling so you don’t have to try and make small talk over hotel breakfast.

Hey! Vina

Hey! Vina is for the ladies and is purely platonic. They let you easily log on with Facebook or Instagram and start you off with a personality quiz to help better connect you with potential friends. Questions include whether you prefer coffee or wine, being indoors or outdoors, and if you like to plan ahead or be more spontaneous.

They then give you the option to join different communities. These communities can be almost anything… athletes, cat lovers, new moms, women who code, and vegans are just a few. Don’t feel restricted to just one, you can choose multiple communities to be a part of.

Once your profile is all set up all you need to do is swipe left or right to find new friends! So for tinder users, this app will be second nature to you!

Bumble BFF

When you first sign up to Bumble it has you answer a few quick questions: your height, star sign, whether you drink or smoke, and questions like your views on politics and religion – but you have the option to skip any of these.

Once you’re in, click on the top of the app where it says bumble date and change it to bumble BFF (you can change back anytime). Swipe up on a profile to read more about them and the answers they gave to the quiz to see if your views align. Then once again, swipe right for yes and left for no.


Meetup helps you connect with like-minded people, whether you’re into the outdoors, learning, food, LGBTQ, dance, book clubs or anything in between. Once you choose your interests you’re prompted to search for a topic to find a group of people you’d be interested in meeting.

Meetup then presents you with related groups close by and how many members it has which you can join at the click of a button. Once you signed up for a group, different events are displayed which you’re welcome to attend. It’s also a great way to get involved with local activities in a new place!


The Patook interface isn’t as pretty as tinder but the concept is very much the same except for one small detail, it’s strictly platonic… robot monitoring strict!

The app uses your location to help find matches and filters by interests, but it’s still very much a “swipe through all the profiles until you see one you like then hope they swipe right to you as well” kind of deal. A little more time wasting than the other apps.

Patook has a pros and cons section at the bottom of each profile which pretty cool. They’ve also created a points system, so after filling out what you’re looking for in a friend (man/woman, smoker/non-smoker, etc), the app ranks them for compatibility.

If you click the “deal breaker” option for any categories, you won’t get any profiles shown to you who have chosen this particular option. Gets quite detailed, even down to choosing which personality types you get along with!


Tribd is the app to find traveller friends before you begin your trip. Unlike many of the other apps that depend on your current location, Tribd helps you find people in a specific location who will be there on a specific date. If you’re not sure of your travelling dates, you can also say you’re flexible.

It gives you the option to add in the age of friends you’re hoping to meet, and activities you hope they’re interested in. As the app is still relatively new, I recommend starting with a wide search and narrowing it down. The downside is you can only select three interests at a time.

Have another app which will help people to make friends while travelling? Please leave a comment below!

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