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Strategies to Budget for Travel While Paying Off Student Debt – Interview with Danielle Desir from The Thought Card

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Danielle Desir The Thought Card

Today’s chat is with an awesome guest who was such a delight to talk to. I felt so inspired after talking to her, and I think you will too. Danielle is a writer, speaker, and the host of The Thought Card podcast. Her website is the go-to destination for financially savvy travelers.

Based in Connecticut, Danielle is a Grants Manager who managed to pay off $63,000 worth of student debt in just four years while still managing to save for a house and travel the world on her own terms.

Danielle shares with her readers and listeners how to creatively save money, and also gives practical travel and budgeting tips.

What we talk about in the episode:

In our chat, we talk honestly about college student debt, how to gain financial freedom, how to get cheap flights, whether you should go on vacation if you’re in debt, and about the sacrifices she’s made to get where she is today.

Danielle has some killer tips for saving money on travel as well, which we all love!

If you want to travel the world and pay off student loans or other debt, this episode is for you!

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Website: thoughtcard.com
Podcast: podcast.thoughtcard.com
Back to budgeting course: thoughtcard.thinkific.com

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